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Deborah J Miller

Deborah Miller has been writing Fantasy – like, forever! Her very first attempt at a full length novel ‘The Abax’ was, to quote the late, great, David Gemmell, “so bad it could curdle milk at ten paces.” (though David was referring to his own first attempts there!)

Forward twenty-odd years and Deborah was holding down allegedly proper jobs, like Technical Editor and IT Consultant though in those early IT days that might just mean you could work the photocopier. She began work on her first novel, ‘Talisker,’ without any of that pesky planning or character outlining. She just sat down and started writing. After painting herself into a corner, and stopping literally in mid-sentence in Chapter Six, Deborah decided to get some help and attended a David Gemmell residential writing course at Fen Farm, where, co-incidentally, she met Jessica Rydill-Saunders.

The rest, as they say, is history! ‘Talisker’ was published in 2001 and became the first book in the eponymous trilogy ‘The Last Clansman’ under the pen-name, Miller Lau. At present, Deborah is working on the middle book of her second trilogy, ‘Swarmthief.’ ‘Swarmthief’s Dance' will be followed by‘Swarmthief’s Treason,' and (provisionally titled) ‘Swarmthief’s Destiny.’

When she’s not writing Deborah enjoys walking, talking and lattes. She is an Author Ambassador for BookAid International. As a Breast Cancer survivor and part of the BC community she strives to raise awareness, particularly amongst younger women, that BC can occur at any age & early detection is critical.

Following David Gemmell's untimely death in 2006, Deborah was instrumental, along with Stan Nicholls and his wife, Anne Gay, in founding the David Gemmell Legend Award for epic fantasy fiction. In its first year, 2009, this popular poll attracted nearly 11,000 individual votes from 74 countries. Since then, the Morningstar (first novel) and Ravenheart (artwork) awards have been added. Find out more at the Gemmell Awards website.

You can find Deborah's own website at

Deborah is published by Tor UK